Photo Memory DVD Example – Holidays

Regardless of the holiday, Photo Memory DVDs make a memorable impression for someone you truly care about.

Holiday DVDs have been prepared for Christmas, Confirmations, Bar Mitzvahs, Easter, Family Get Togethers/Reunions, BBQs and more. Many of these filsm are made AFTER the holidays and sent to their loved ones and friends who could not be with them that year.

Many of our customers use these DVDs as the special holiday gifts to family members. They gather together family photos and make a copy for all of the people on their holiday list. Remember to order early this holiday season!

We have prepared a short example of what one of the films look like. We have only included a few photos and sped up the viewing time of each photo as the file size of this film on the web would take forever to properly load.

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One of the best compliments we receive is when the client refers us or contacts us again for another film or service!

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