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What Are Photo Memory DVDs?

Photo Memory DVDs are films, made up of your photos and music you select. These films are prepared to a DVD that can be played on any DVD player or computer DVD drive.

Never a Hidden Cost!

Our process is very simple. We receive your photos in the mail. We will scan your photos and then restore and enhance the photos for best presentation in the film.

We can also convert your slides to images and create a Photo Memory DVD as well! 

We add the music you wish to play while viewing a selected group of photographs. 

We add titles to the beginning of each film and each subsequent section or group of photographs. 

We prepare a DVD of this film. We prepare for you a personalized DVD case (the large DVD case not a CD case) and we burn the label photo and information directly onto the face of the DVD. We also include, at no charge, a CD of the enhanced and restores photographs. This CD can be taken to a photo printing shop where you can print these restored images or if you have a photo printer, you can print right from your own home! 

We then ship your Photo Memory DVD creation package back to you. The process takes no more than 5 business days depending on the amount of photos received and the number of photos needing restoration. Please note that if you include numerous photos that need to be restored, the time will increase for completion as we want to give the proper time needed to make the photo look good in the film. ‘

Remember to make copies for the kids and family!

Remember to give the gift that they will always cherish for generations to come!

There is NEVER a charge for Photo Restorations!

Please understand these are not the Photo Memory DVDs your cousin “Stan” can create for you. These are professionally made films. These films are done with the utmost care and professionalism. Each photo is carefully restored and placed in a film…not just scanned and thrown in. I am sure if you see your cousin’ Stan’s creation and then ours you will surely see the difference! At Photo Memory DVDs we request that you send us the original photos for the film. We have extra high quality scanners that allow us to get very high pixel rates to restore/enhance the photos. PLEASE do not send us photos you printed off your printer if not on high quality photo paper (they look horrible in a film and there is little we can do about it). Your original photos will be returned untouched and safe. We treat these better than we treat our own. We make every effort to ensure your original photos are returned in the condition sent to us.

Photo Memory DVDs are a great way to showcase your memories for generations to come! It is also a great way to have your photos electronically produced, enhanced and restored. Photo Memory DVDs are used for weddings, holidays, sweet 16 events, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines Day gifts, retirements, graduations, used at Funeral services and much more! 

Our parent company, Street Smart Incorporated is an established web design company with professional graphic designers. These experienced professionals will look at each photograph and attempt to restore the image, as best as possible back to its original quality, if not better. We will attempt to restore missing pieces from ripped photographs, remove fold lines and scratches. Photographs, especially old photos, deteriorate over the years from handling and oxidation. We work closely, with each photo to make it looks its best. Obviously there is a limit to what we can do, but our results speak for themselves.


Plenty of thought and consideration went into the pricing structure for this service. We are trying hard to offer you quality service at the most affordable prices:

Up to 60 pictures on one DVD……$75.00 for original DVD…..$20.00 each add. copy

Up to 100 pictures on one DVD…..$100.00 for original DVD…..$20.00 each add. copy

Up to 125 pictures on one DVD….$120.00 for original DVD…..$20.00 each add. copy

Up to 150 pictures on one DVD….$140.00 for original DVD…..$20.00 each add. copy

Up to 175 pictures on one DVD….$165.00 for original DVD…..$20.00 each add. copy

Up to 200 pictures on one DVD….$190.00 for original DVD…..$20.00 each add. copy

For up to every additional 25 photos (over 200), please add $35.00 to the above pricing.

Additional copies of the photo CD……$2.50 each CD

Price per slide…………………………………..0.10¢ per slide (this is in addition to the above pricing)

To add video to photo memory creation, please add $15 for up to every 10 minutes of video being added.

There is NEVER a charge for Titles, Captions or Songs/Music!

Shipping and Handling costs – $18.00 (for every 8 DVDs).

Rush service (7 calendar days or less) is available for an additional charge.

Be sure to include an order form with your submission as well as a check or money order for the total cost. Personal checks will be held for 5 business days until check clears before shipment of your package.

Feel Free To Contact Us - We Are Here To Help!

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