Photo Memory DVD Example – Anniversaries

One of the best ways to celebrate a couple’s anniversary is a Photo Memory DVD. This is one of our popular themes. Whether someone is celebrating their first anniversary, 25th anniversary or 50th anniversary a Photo Memory DVD makes a great impact and will be remembered for years to come!

Most of our customers include childhood and family photos of the couple, wedding photos, photos of their children and grandchildren. These DVDs are played at anniversary parties, some even played at the actual renewal ceremonies. 

Be sure you make copies for the relatives. This is not a marketing slogan, but a fact that all of the children and grandchildren, as well as brothers and sisters of the couple will want copies of the film. You do need to supply your own tissues while watching these films as they bring a tear to everyone’s eyes!

We have prepared a short example of what one of the films look like. We have only included a few photos and sped up the viewing time of each photo as the file size of this film on the web would take forever to properly load.

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One of the best compliments we receive is when the client refers us or contacts us again for another film or service!

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