Photo Memory DVD Example – Weddings

Many of us after our wedding day receive numerous photos of our special event. We fill photo albums full of these photos from family and friends. We probably got a video of the day (which you should convert to DVD) but a special addition to any special memory would be a Photo Memory DVD of the event. Gather together the photos of your event that are special and put them together into a film you will cherish.

The latest trend is to prepare a Photo Memory DVD prior to the wedding. The film shows the couple in childhood photos, family photos, dating photos right up to the big event. These DVDs are shown at the wedding rehearsal, at the actual Wedding Reception or Ceremony and many play these DVDs on a laptop at the rear of the reception hall during the actual reception.

This is not the day of your lifetime to go cheaply. Photographers offer this service and we have seen many…they are inferior to what you get with Photo Memory DVDs (not to mention the price is much more affordable!).

Remember to make copies as you will want to give them to your parents and loved ones involved in the wedding.

We have prepared a short example of what one of the films look like. We have only included a few photos and sped up the viewing time of each photo as the file size of this film on the web would take forever to properly load.

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One of the best compliments we receive is when the client refers us or contacts us again for another film or service!

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